The Plumstead Party

The Plumstead Party

The Plumstead Party is a new residents’ group that formed to contest the 2018 Greenwich Council elections on May 3rd, 2018. It is free of any ties to traditional political parties.

Our main aims are proper representation for local residents and ensuring money raised in Plumstead stays, and is spent, in Plumstead. Our area also needs urgent additional investment after years of neglect – our votes are taken for granted.

We aim to represent all residents, whether they are lifelong locals or recent arrivals, to get the best deal for Plumstead and everyone who lives here – not a pressure group for either gentrification or the status quo.

We believe local politics and services should not be under the control and vested interests of national political parties. Too many of our council meetings are dominated by party political themes and policies over which the council has no control.


This isn’t about where you stand on Brexit, Donald Trump or the NHS. This is about Plumstead and having our voice heard at the local council and Woolwich Town Hall.

We need an independent, constructive and, most importantly, local opposition.

Residents’ Associations are feature of local government elsewhere in the country and successfully allow local people to determine for themselves where money and services should be directed.

We believe that Plumstead residents should represent, and know what is best for, our area rather than political party activists who live and work elsewhere.

Our local area needs urgent investment – money raised here shouldn’t be spent on pet projects elsewhere in the borough. Where investment is promised, it should happen after proper consultation with local residents.