Kevin Sweeney – Glyndon

Kevin Sweeney – Glyndon

I have been a resident of this area for all of my life, apart from a short period away for work.

Over the years I have seen many changes not all of them for the good. The area certainly has not thrived as other parts of the Borough and I do feel Plumstead is very much the poor relative of the rest.

There are many things that should transcend Politics, Community Living and Services should be one of them. It is my opinion that we the residents are more often than not ridden rough shod by the Council and given little tit bits at election time, to keep us quiet.

I feel the time has come for us to take back the power from the Council and this is the aim of the Plumstead Party. Make sure the money that is raised for Plumstead is used in Plumstead. Make sure the moves to “improve” the area are acceptable before they become a Fait Accompli. To make sure the people of Plumstead are treated with respect and listened to at all times.

The Plumstead Party is for the area, the people and the future.